October 16, 2012

The Tumblr Addiction

I realized recently that selling on Etsy required slightly more than simply listing and being simply on Etsy. Are good photos, nice products, accurate relevancy, and treasury curation within Etsy all part of the mix? For me, absolutely! But as soon as Etsy sellers hear the fateful words marketing and social media, sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blogger come to mind. And as soon as we see those opportunities, we grab them! They're easy, free, and fun. They give you an opportunity to connect with other sellers and buyers in wonderful ways. I love social media for this.

When I first caught the social media bug, I signed up for your basics. My shop has a fan page, a tweeting hotspot, and several pin boards. Of course, I also love to blog! But sometimes I don't want to be wordy. Sometimes I want to share images and beautiful things and not worry about captions, stories, or themes. And that's why when I found Tumblr, I was metaphorically in love.

Tumblr gives its users the opportunity to simplify. After curating treasuries and boards on Etsy and Pinterest, I don't want to curate. After writing an item description or a lengthy blog post, although writing is one of my dearest loves, sometimes I don't even want to write. With Tumblr, I don't have to. I don't feel tied to anything. I can post whatever I find beautiful or inspiring at any moment in time. It's wonderful and freeing and I love it.

 I signed up for Tumblr on Sunday. I started using it yesterday. I have posted 35 beautiful images, and thrown in a little image of a pair of my sterling hoops. One of my posts has received 65 reblogs. I've gained 7 followers. Today I had 4 views from my Tumblr blog. That doesn't sound like much, but this is only the beginning, and so far, it looks like I'm going to like Tumblr. If any of you lovely readers have a Tumblr blog, please leave a comment and include a link to your blog...I would love to follow you!

Happy Tumblring,

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  1. Hey Zoe!

    Okay, so I've never had an interest in Tumblr because I didn't really know what it was I guess? It sounds like it worth it though! The only thing is I have a blog, Facebook, twitter, instagram...etc. Has it replaced any other social media for you or do you think it will replace anything? I'm worried I wont be able to keep up with it all lol! ;)




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