October 2, 2012

Welcome, October!

I was mildly shocked yesterday morning when I realized it was no longer September; it's now October, the harvest month, and the first full month of fall. However, with that shock came excitement! Though I could do without winter, fall is my favorite season, and it's even more exciting since this is the first fall I'll be spending in my forest home, which I moved into during early spring.
I really enjoy the changing of the seasons. Temperatures here run from well below zero in winter to triple digits in the dog days of July. It seems the transitions between are too fast; I hardly get the chance to soak up the sun or enjoy my cup of hot cocoa before the season ends! Fall is perfect though. Mild cool, colorful foliage, and crisp, fresh air greet me every day. It's the season of apple picking, Halloween, and back-to-school; a season of family, friends, and new beginnings.
It's a warmer than average, brighter than usual day, so I decided to photograph the beauty surrounding me...after all, before long these golden leaves will be replaced with bare branches and long icicles (which, in due time, won't be so bad either!). I'll try to prepare myself for winter as I enjoy fall, capturing moments of its beauty along the way. For now, I'll give October my very warmest welcome...even if it is a day late!

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