September 24, 2012

Books I Want to Write

I love writing. I love putting pen to paper and fingers to keyboard to create something shocking, meaningful, or beautiful. Finishing a book is one of my life goals; probably one of the more feasible ones. I don't know what this book (or books!) will be comprised of, but if I had all the time, patience, and writing ability in the world, I would write every one of these:

1. Petrichor
My gosh, it sounds incredible. Petrichor is defined as the scent of rain on dry Earth. Poetic as can be, but I don't know where I'll go with it. It doesn't hurt to start with a title, though, and I do love this one.

2. My Unorganized Opinions on Etsy
Bless everyone close to me who's ever patiently sat across the table as I incessantly griped and preached about this website (which I must praise since it's probably changed my life and outlook on many things for the better). I have my opinions and bits of knowledge on Etsy, and I feel a tad too proud of myself sometimes for having them. My book would be terribly disorganized and somewhat informative, if you could sit through reading it.

3. Idealism
I've been pondering this lately. I would love to write something (epic novel, novel, novella, short story, paragraph, sentence, fragment, etc.) about the concept of idealism and what life in an ideal world would actually be like.

4. A Photographic Journey
I love these books; filled with images of a place or time in history and captions and clever anecdotes and poems that come together to make you feel like you're standing right there, right in the middle of it all. And I would love to write and depict one. So much.

5. The Ultimate Procrastinator's Guide
I am such a ridiculous procrastinator. That means I would be the perfect author to bring light to this topic. I really need to do this. I will start tomorrow.

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